Intern in Sport was launched to achieve one ambitious goal - To deliver dynamic industry internships to students and graduates searching for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Since our launch, we have been fortunate enough to have built a great team dedicated to delivering that goal, and now work with some of the best known organisations, clubs, brands, coaches, and management agencies in sport.

We are extremely proud of our achievements and awards to date, but also conscious that this is just the beginning.

To ensure that we deliver our goals, everyone at Intern in Sport agrees to follow the 6 guiding principles that together make up our identity and ethos. Only by striving to meet each of these 6 guiding principles though our daily actions and interactions can we be sure that we are delivering life-changing opportunities to our interns.

  • Always deliver what we promise
  • Go the extra mile everyday
  • A happy team is a strong team
  • Do more
  • Grow together
  • Love your job

2017 Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Did you overall internship experience exceed your expectations? Yes 64%
If you could go back and do the exact same internship again, would you? Yes 99%
Would you recommend Intern in Sport to a friend/fellow student? Yes 100%
i. Ratings are based on the answers provided by 398 respondents to our 2016 satisfaction survey.

2016 Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Was your overall internship experience better than expected? Yes 59%
Given the opportunity, would you repeat your experience again? Yes 79%
Would you recommend us to a friend? Yes 100%
i. Ratings are based on the answers provided by 183 respondents to our 2015 satisfaction survey.