London & UK

Home to some of sports biggest and best known organisations, brands, clubs, and training facilities, London is a city like no other.

London is our most popular program destination, due to its industry importance, diversity, and great industry social scene. IIS internship programs run monthly in London, with demand being consistently strong all year round.

IIS is also able to place applicants into industry placements in Manchester, Liverpool, Oxford, and other select UK cities.

Intern in Sport – Life Changing Experiences

The United Kingdom is a culturally diverse nation of contrasts.

Home to one of the busiest and most cosmopolitan cities in the world - London, it has been the source of inspiration for world famous writers such as Shakespeare, yet it retains the small island uniqueness that sets it apart from the rest of Europe.

Home to Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge, and the Houses of Parliament, the UK has a rich cultural history, and offers something for everyone.

The United Kingdom is truly a unique program destination.

City Stats
Pound Sterling
8.63 million
Languages spoken:
Warm summers and cold winters
Areas of note:
Camden, Notting Hill, the West End, City of London, East London
Main airports:
Heathrow, Gatwick, City, Stansted

Accommodation in London and the rest of the country can be expensive compared to other EU states.

Despite offering a broad range of options that includes campus-based university accommodation, private rented flat-shares, homestays, and city centre hostels, demand is always high and places fill fast.

Our team have relationships with a number of local providers and can advise on the most suitable options for your chosen program schedule, obtaining quotes and placing bookings on your behalf.

Typical costs per week in GBP
Flatshare - Private room:
£140.00 - £220.001
Air BnB – Private room:
£160.00 - £400.002
Budget to Luxury Hotel:
£180.00 - £3,000.003
City centre hostel
£140.00 - £200.004
1. A one month rent deposit is typically required.
2. Payment is typically due in advance.
3. No deposit is typically required.
4. A one week deposit is typically required.
Language Courses

The demand for English courses by UK applicants is low, however there are a large number of high quality language schools that our overseas applicants may wish to consider that offer intensive, refresher, and longer-term English courses, that can be scheduled to run alongside your program if required.

Our team has relationships with a number of the best language schools across the UK, and can provide advice, quotes and book courses on your behalf.

Typical course costs per week in GBP
1-week intensive course: £160.00 - £300.00
2-week intensive course: £180.00 - £480.00
4 week evening course: £200.00 - £450.00
6 week evening course: £350.00 - £550.00
Weekend study (4 weeks): £140.00 - £400.00
Weekend study (8 weeks): £250.00 - £500.00
Airport Transfers

Having an airport transfer arranged and waiting for you upon your arrival provides peace of mind, and convenience.

From limos and taxis, to rail and coach transfers we have relationships with reputable local providers who will meet you as you arrive and deliver you to your accommodation safely and quickly.

Our team is happy to assist with providing quotes and making bookings on your behalf as required.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not compulsory for interns, however it is highly recommended that some level of cover is taken out to protect against unforeseen accidents, and/or loss of property.

For interns not covered by their own policy, we can introduce you to a number of reputable providers, provide advice about the various levels of cover available, and secure cover before your program begins.

Intern in Sport – Life Changing Experiences
2018 / 19 Program Start Dates
  • September 3rd 2018
  • October 1st 2018
  • November 5th 2018
  • December 3rd 2018
  • January 7th 2019
  • February 4th 2019
  • March 4th 2019
  • April 8th 2019
  • May 6th 2019
  • June 3rd or 24th 2019
  • July 1st or 29th 2019
What's Included
A professional internship
The program includes a guaranteed internship within a dynamic business that operates within your chosen sport or sports-related sector for the period requested.
Pre-departure Q&A session
The program includes a pre-departure Q&A session with your Program Manager, who will answer any questions that you have about your internship, host business or destination, and ensure that you have prepared everything necessary to get the most out of your trip.
Post-arrival orientation session with local coordinator
The program includes a post-arrival orientation session with your local coordinator who will answer any questions that you have about your chosen program, host business or destination, and provide you with local insight, advice and information to ensure you get the most out of your trip.
Welcome pack including local map and essential information
The program includes a welcome pack which includes a local destination map, guides to public transport, local attractions, restaurants, and cultural events. The pack also includes a list of important contact numbers, a short insider’s city guide written by our team, and information about your host company.
Flight, visa and travel insurance advice
The program includes access to our Partnerships Team who will answer any questions you might have about securing the most suitable flights to your destination, and sourcing the most appropriate insurance product.
Accommodation option advice and booking facility
The program includes access to our Partnerships Team who can advise you on the best local accommodation options available, local prices, and importantly legal matters including tenancy agreements and deposit security (for private rentals). The team can also negotiate and make accommodation bookings on your behalf if necessary.
Why Intern in Sport?
  • We are the only specialist sport industry internship provider
  • Our data-driven approach is unique
  • 99% of our 2016 interns recommend us
  • We have access to the best host companies
  • Our service is professional and transparent